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Copper mosaic tiles

Copper mosaic tiles

Copper metal mosaic is particularly high quality and can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom or in other areas of the apartment. The tiles are coated with copper, which is why the incidence of light is beautifully reflected in your rooms. The play of light and shadow changes its effect at every angle. Copper metal mosaic serves as an ideal complement to furniture, fittings and other furnishings. The color of the mosaic tiles gives the rooms warm and cozy accents. Copper metal mosaic offers a variety of design alternatives because they look classy. The metallic surface of the mosaic tiles creates extraordinary accents.

Copper metal mosaic for all rooms

The mosaic tiles come into their own in every room of your house, because they give them a mysterious and interesting appearance. The room looks elegant and clear without being intrusive. Since copper metal mosaic gives the room shine with its beautiful color, you can upgrade your apartment with the mosaic tiles in no time at all. Copper metal mosaic is used as tiles for the floor as well as for the wall. They are available in a matt or glossy form, so that a combination can be very attractive. Copper metal mosaic can also be designed variably with glass.

Laying the mosaics

If these mosaic tiles are laid, this is done as with all other conventional tiles. However, you should pay attention to the metal coating and be careful to avoid damage. As soon as the grout is dry, the tiles are simply cleaned with a damp cloth and a suitable cleaning agent. Abrasives and hard sponges must not be used.