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Kitchen tiles hygiene included

When choosing wall and floor coverings in the kitchen, you have to consider how much they are used in the kitchen. Not only aesthetics, but also the practical use of the covering are in demand. In an environment where it gets wet and dirty quickly, the surface should be able to keep up accordingly. Kitchen tiles are an ideal option.

Kitchen tiles

Tiles are available in several variants,

whereby it does not matter which tiles are used where. In the kitchen, kitchen tiles not only protect the floor in the form of floor tiles, but also the wall in the form of a tile mirror from splashes of water and grease. The kitchen tiles should therefore be able to withstand water and stains, especially oil stains. Accordingly, these tiles should be easy to clean - the tiles on the wall often even more often than the floor tiles. Nevertheless, the kitchen tiles are not as stressed as tiles that e.g. can be used outdoors. That is why glazed tiles are usually used in the kitchen, the surface of which is insensitive to oil stains and greasy dirt. Even dried-on residues are not a challenge on the glazed kitchen tiles. The floor tiles usually do not need more than water and possibly a little washing-up liquid to achieve a high gloss.

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The glazed tiles are divided into five classes based on the stress they are exposed to.

The first class includes, for example, tiles, which should rather only be installed as wall coverings . As floor tiles, however, only in rooms where people only walk barefoot, such as in the bathroom. The fifth class again includes tiles that are used when the tiles, usually the floor tiles, are subjected to very high to extreme loads. This includes rooms in which the floor tiles are walked a lot every day, such as restaurants, and rooms in which the floor tiles are extremely stressed, such as the garage. Kitchen tiles, not just floor tiles , but also wall tiles , even belong to the penultimate class. For this reason, you should make sure that you choose carefully not only the floor tiles, but also kitchen tiles in general. In addition to proper kitchen tiles in general, non-slip floor tiles are advisable. 

Hygiene included

Kitchen tiles not only impress with their attractive appearance and individual uses, they are also easy to clean and offer the necessary hygiene in the kitchen area. Floor tiles are robust because grease, water, falling food scraps and spilled liquids cannot cause any damage. Daily wiping does not damage the sealed surface of kitchen tiles in any way.

In addition to glazed tiles, unglazed tiles are also used, mostly as floor tiles.

Their unglazed surface cannot be easily damaged, which is why this type of floor tile works well for outdoor areas. Although they are considered robust, care should be taken with these tiles as kitchen tiles. Namely, they cannot stand oil and grease stains well. If you still insist on these tiles as kitchen tiles, you should use an impregnation to properly protect your kitchen tiles. As kitchen tiles, they are usually preferred again as floor tiles.

Metro tiles

When choosing kitchen tiles , it is not only the practical use that is important.

The appearance of all kitchen tiles, i.e. both wall and floor tiles, contributes to the overall atmosphere of the kitchen . Correct kitchen tiles can make the kitchen appear larger or even lighter. The tile mirror doesn't take up much space in the kitchen, but it can help make the kitchen a real feat. The time of boring white tiles as a tile mirror is a thing of the past. Mosaic as a tile mirror is a way of making the kitchen unique and modern. And, as is often thought, floor tiles do not have to match the color of the tiles on the wall. With a colorful mosaic , floor tiles can provide the necessary "peace" in the room. Different kitchen tiles combined in one kitchen bring life to the kitchen. 

Mosaic tiles and their uses

Mosaic tiles are not so well suited for the design of work areas, as dirt is not as easy to remove as with larger tiles due to the relatively high joint area. Unless the joints are specially sealed, then mosaic tiles can also be used in work areas. Mosaic tiles are suitable as wall tiles, floor tiles, but also as eye-catchers in bathrooms and as facing for stair plinths. You can glue mosaic tiles individually and let your imagination run wild when designing your living space. You can glue mosaic tiles as a composite, but also in combination with wall tiles and floor tiles.

Kitchen tiles not only have a very long tradition, they are also very trendy. Kitchen tiles can be used as floor tiles, wall tiles or mosaic tiles in all areas.

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Individual kitchen tiles

Wall tiles and floor tiles can be used individually as kitchen tiles. They can offer a uniform look and thereby put the furnishings in the foreground, or they can be provided with patterns as true works of art, creating a lasting impression on the viewer. Depending on the type of tile, you can use these either as wall tiles or floor tiles. Due to their insensitivity to water and moisture in general, tiles are not only in great demand as kitchen tiles, they are also used for luxurious bathroom design.

Since tiles can easily be cut and adjusted as required, there is no great effort to glue kitchen tiles in the area of ​​sockets, connections and water pipes. Once laid and glued, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaic tiles will give you a lot of pleasure for decades. Historical finds show that kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaic tiles can still be perfectly preserved even after centuries.

Boden, Wand, Fliesen, Küche, Küchenspiegel, Metro, Newyork, Styl, Design

Kitchen tiles are absolutely free of harmful substances

Due to their glazed surface, tiles are absolutely food-safe. They are therefore ideally suited for use in kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms and wellness areas. In contrast to some other living materials, they do not contain any pollutants or toxins that can pass into the body through direct body contact. This is why kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaic tiles are so popular with allergy sufferers and parents with young children. You can easily clean your tiles and you can be sure that your tiles will not emit any harmful fumes.

Kitchen tiles in combination with indirect heating options

Due to their heat resistance, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaic tiles are also suitable in living areas that are heated using underfloor heating or wall heating. If you would like to heat living areas with the help of these heating techniques, pay attention to the respective notes when purchasing the selected kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaic tiles.

An investment that pays off

Buying kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaic tiles is always worthwhile. The tiles will enhance your living environment for many years without showing any signs of aging. Should a tile break, it can be quickly replaced. So don't just buy the number of tiles you need, but always buy a number of replacement tiles.