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Tile - Elegance and highest quality for different uses

Floor tiles are a floor covering that saves you a lot of cleaning time. Because high-quality tiles for your various living areas are very easy to care for, frost-proof and only have a minimal abrasion. Floor tiles are available in polished, glazed and unglazed versions. Special variants of the tiles are products that look like different types of wood, for example.

Floor tiles for an elegant ambience

Modern floor tiles made of porcelain stoneware are an easy-care floor covering, especially in bathrooms. With a creative design of the floor in bathrooms, the entire room can be significantly upgraded. Muted colors and shades allow the bathroom ceramics to shine particularly brightly. With a changing color scheme, you get a particularly attractive and relaxed look in your bathroom. Floor tiles chosen for the entryway and kitchen should be minimally roughened. This reduces the risk of slipping on slightly damp floors many times over. In these living areas, shades should be used on which light soiling is less noticeable. Porcelain stoneware floor tiles are available in many different color gradients and patterns. If floor tiles are harmoniously combined with other tiled surfaces in the kitchen and hallway, the rooms usually appear much more spacious.

Terrace tiles - visually appealing floor coverings for outdoors

Tiles for terraces and similar outdoor areas are the best possible equipment. Tiles with a material thickness of around two centimeters have proven particularly effective here. The special terrace tiles offer you various advantages. These include, for example:
- a simple transfer - 100 percent UV and color stability
- Longevity for many years - Fire-resistant, among other things, to charcoal, cigarette burns or ashes
- a closed surface structure, so that no stains from fat, red wine or oil, for example, can settle
- 100 percent frost-proof
- no evaporation of chemical substances or smells
- special terrace tiles can be uninstalled and re-laid at another location without any problems
- No efflorescence due to moisture entering or unsightly discolouration
- Terrace tiles are just as easy to clean as normal tiles
- the selection of surface designs is extensive and includes, among other things, sandstone, wood, concrete and marble looks.

Slip resistance - three rating groups for floor tiles

For do-it-yourselfers, too, experts recommend that floor tiles be laid in the manner required by commercial rating groups. This applies in particular to basements and bathrooms as well as the border around the pool and the outdoor area in general. Three rating groups are specified for wet areas. Areas that are only minimally wet are assigned to assessment group A. Floor tiles in rooms that are often walked on barefoot belong to assessment group B. Floor tiles in wet rooms such as open showers are classified in assessment group C.

Structured floor tiles for good surefootedness

If you value sure-footedness, you should choose special surface structures. These include glazed tiles, which have a roughened surface, and unglazed products, which have a slightly profiled structure. When laying, you should definitely study the EU guidelines for slip resistance. As a private person, however, the focus is often only on the appearance of the floor tiles and terrace tiles. However, in order to prevent accidents, slip resistance and sure-footedness are important aspects.