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Vinyl design floor tiles

Vinyl design flooring - high quality, robust flooring in decorative designs

You decide with a vinyl floor for a durable, robust flooring. Next continuous floor coverings are straight vinyl tiles and vinyl boards in great demand. These vinyl coverings can be easy to lay. Compared to parquet or carpeting the vinyl design floor is cheap and offers excellent usage characteristics. They are particularly attractive modern vinyl tiles due to the variety of designs. Wooden or stone designs captivate with their natural look. Monochrome floors are available in the most beautiful pastel colors and in all basic and trend colors. The decorative vinyl floor creates one homely, elegant atmosphere in every room.


Vinyl flooring - sound absorbing and warm in contrast to laminate, the vinyl design floor is also pleasant without a sub-floor treadmill. Another convincing quality is the good one heat storage from the vinyl design floor. The floors turn out even when walking barefoot as very pleasant and warm. Vinyl tiles, continuous vinyl flooring and vinyl flooring are suitable excellent for rooms with one underfloor heating. The slight elasticity gives a vinyl floor is particularly easy to walk on. Depending on the design the surface can be smooth or slightly structured. Gentle structures are especially important for vinyl tiles with a wood look Find. This makes the natural wood even more real replicated. A chic vinyl floor is suitable for laying in every room. Whether living room, children's room, bedroom and dining room with the you can create sophisticated designs of beautiful vinyl tiles a warm, homely atmosphere everywhere. Equally beneficial vinyl tiles for bathroom and kitchen prove to be. The robust, decorative floors are perfect for designing wet rooms. High quality vinyl tiles are also available for outdoor areas. With vinyl in wood look, stone look or you can use colored waterproof, non-slip vinyl tiles make your terrace and balcony permanently attractive.

Vinyl tiles for intensive use

Where soils are used very intensively, many coverings so-called running streets will soon be visible. In walking areas like in the hallway, in room passages, in business areas, reception areas and waiting rooms many soils quickly wear off. A high quality vinyl floor is comparatively insensitive even under high loads. The surfaces keep theirs despite intensive use beautiful colors and embossing. Dark tracks can be easily removed during normal cleaning. The high resilience and durability makes vinyl tiles too suitable for companies and shops flooring. Another plus from the vinyl floor is that ease of care. Neither special care products nor oil and wax is needed around the beautiful surfaces to get your vinyl tiles. It is quite sufficient that vinyl design floor with a mild detergent and warm water too wipe. Stains remain on the undamaged vinyl floor surface and are completely closed with ease remove.


Easy to lay yourself - vinyl tiles

Vinyl floors are also high quality plastic mixtures manufactured. Especially the many beautiful vinyl tiles make laying easy for you. There are vinyl tiles too click system, for gluing and floating installation without floor adhesive. The practical click systems make it easier for you laying straight through the simple, seamless installation tile lanes. Modern adhesives for the vinyl floor convince with best adhesion properties and short casting times. Prepare the floor by thorough cleaning and leveling out unevenness for the laying. it's best to pull one with the colored chalk line longest and one cross line through the room. The first tile is then placed in the middle of the line intersection. The simply lay the following vinyl tiles in straight lines without joints at. The material is easy to cut and is slightly flexible during installation. Depending on the information on the glue should not step on the floor during the working time will. For vinyl tiles with click system and floating installation the effective time is omitted. Continuous vinyl floor can be glued or laid loosely. Convince yourself of the many here in the shop Offers for your chic, new vinyl floor. Vinyl tiles can be found in various formats, designs and decorative colors suitable for every room design and every taste. The durable vinyl design flooring at a reasonable price rightly occupied a front place of modern floor design.