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Slate tiles


What are slate tiles?

Many older citizens may still be familiar with slate because there were still slabs made from this natural stone. Loud scratching was almost the order of the day, just like a clank when the board broke on the floor. The formation of shale rock took millions of years and there are entire landscapes that are named after it.

Slate tiles a diverse material

In various areas, the sight can tell that it is an area with a lot of slate. This also includes Thuringia, where the slate tiles were not only used for indoor use. Rather, roofs were still covered with this natural stone or the house walls were made weatherproof. It is precisely this variety that distinguishes slate tiles, especially since they are easy to install. The unique grain also distinguishes slate tiles, although this natural stone can withstand a lot.
Its mostly black or brownish color gives every room something cozy. Especially in rooms with large windows, slate tiles look great thanks to their warm appearance. But bathrooms or kitchens can also be stylishly designed with this unique natural stone. One thing distinguishes slate to this day, it is easy to lay. The grain emphasizes its uniqueness, because this is what makes it so special. Nature took a long time to achieve this, and there is even slate in India.

slate2 Elongated grain or with speckles

This is how the slate tiles look, because the natural specification is used here. Because slate can be processed quickly and easily, which has made it popular for a long time. Every room becomes special with slate tiles, if only because of the grain. A natural stone that can be more than just a table. Slate tiles give every room comfort and warmth. This stone is easy to clean, which students have noticed earlier. Natural stone tiles made of slate have been among the most popular floor tiles for several years, as they harmonize very well with the architecture in both old and new buildings and also fit very well with large window fronts. For visual pleasure, the slate floor tiles also convince with their practical properties, they are very robust, easy to lay and can also be laid in stressed rooms without problems.

Natural stone tiles made of slate are available in different colors

Slate floor tiles were reserved for outdoor use in earlier years, they were mainly laid on paths, garden terraces or on house walls and columns, but today they have found their way into living areas. More and more people are choosing slate floor tiles. The naturalness of slate gives each room a special one Flair, whether in the living room, anteroom or bathroom. Depending on the country of origin, the colors of the natural stone tiles vary from anthracite, Brazilian slate, gray with Jaddish slate to green with Jade slate. Floor tiles are also available in brown, such as in Burgundy slate, and in deep black, such as in Porto Slate.

Natural stone tiles made of slate have different ones Surface structures

There are also differences in the surfaces of natural stone tiles. Floor tiles in a slate design can be brushed, sanded or laid with a rough surface. The decisive factor is the planned use of the slate floor tiles. Natural stone tiles made of slate with a rough surface give floors a naturally rustic appearance. This type of floor tile is often used for commercial purposes, such as restaurants, bars or cafes. Despite their smoothness, brushed floor tiles have the typical slate character, ideal for floors and also for walls in the living area. Natural stone tiles made of slate have not only their visual characteristics but also special properties in the area of heat storage. For this reason, floor tiles of this type are also very suitable for underfloor heating. The ancient Romans already knew that, who already used slate stone. The thermal conductivity is 20 times higher than that of wood, and the spatial movement of the floor tiles is also present when heat is applied. In the outdoor area, natural stone tiles made of slate score with their frost resistance, they are also non-slip and therefore very suitable as a pool border

Floor tiles are easy to clean and maintain

When cleaning, polished natural stone tiles are easy and convenient to use, it is best to use only water. Under no circumstances acidic cleaning agents, because the acid would attack the natural stone tiles and the surface. By nature, slate is water-repellent, which increases over the years. Of course, slate floor tiles also become somewhat dull over the years. In this case, cleaning the natural stone tiles with subsequent oiling helps and the floor tiles shine like new again. Natural stone tiles made of slate are a natural floor covering that has a timeless look and is therefore a pleasure for a long time.