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Granite tiles

What are granite tiles?

Many are guaranteed to know the saying "hard as granite", which exactly hits the core. Granite is a natural stone made from solidified lava. According to the Mohs scale, its degree of hardness is 6-8, which means that granite is one of the hardest stones. The scale goes from 1 to 10. This hardness is caused by the slow cooling underground and the accumulation of mica, feldspar and minerals.

GraniteGranite tiles with for many areas

Due to the unique grain, granite tiles are not only popular outdoors, but granite tiles can also be used in move the entire house. This unique natural stone is particularly suitable due to its hardness, also as a worktop in the kitchen or as stairs. The possible uses are varied, with which granite tiles can be used throughout the house. Whether in the bathroom, in the entrance area or even in the living room, this natural stone creates a unique living experience. Granite tiles give each room its own flair, without this being worn out. A stone that can withstand a lot and does not wear out, above all, it is absolutely easy to care for.

Easy-care and long-lasting

These are exactly the advantages of granite, above all it can be sanded down again and again. This way, granite tiles will be fresh and look like new even after many years. This natural stone with its smooth surface is still dirt-repellent and therefore it is often used outdoors. Above all, there is granite all over the world, which explains the many facets of its appearance. Granite tiles create a natural pattern that looks just as beautiful even after many years as if the tiles were new. The granite tiles can be shaped by simply grinding them so that they fit into every corner. Granite is also so popular because it is so easy to work with. Hard but easy to shape, this makes granite a uniquely beautiful natural stone.