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There are several options for designing the garden, the terrace or the house entrances. You can choose between different materials, dimensions and colors. Natural stone slabs are a very common material for flooring. Since these are basically weather-resistant, they are also perfect for outdoor use.

Travertine Barga natural stone tiles, beige:

These floor slabs made of the raw material travertine were already extremely popular in Roman times. Seen in this way, one could say that the natural stone conceals an ancient background. The beige panels with their matt surface are 10 mm thick and are available in different sizes. If required, you can also get mosaic tiles, as well as the matching edge and skirting boards. This natural stone - with its historical look - looks very robust and is also correspondingly durable.

Limestone Garbagna natural stone tiles, beige:

Due to their Greek style, these tiles look very authentic and are not only suitable for sidewalks, but also for laying out larger areas. The surface has a matt brushing with a subtle structure. The slightly variable color spectrum results in a friendly combination with its beige basic tone. With the 10 mm thick natural stone tiles you can lay out very flexible shapes due to the different variations. In addition, the product scores with its enormous durability, whereby it does not require any complex care.

Slate natural stone tiles, black:

The tile with its elegant design is available in the format 30 x 60, 60 x 60 or 8 x 60 cm. The slate product is not only suitable for any floor covering, but also for wall cladding. The material also harmonises perfectly with underfloor heating. The cuddly color also gives a staircase a special look. The tiles, with a thickness of exactly 1 cm, are available either matt or sanded smooth. The material is considered to be robust and durable, but should nevertheless be treated once a year - for maintenance reasons - with a special cleaning agent for slate.

Cleaning and care of natural stone slabs:

In general, spring is the best time to do this, when the snow and frost have gone. Of course, it depends on the degree of soiling, which also results in the use of appropriate cleaning agents. In the example of a commercially available all-purpose cleaner, you should let it work for 15 minutes before scrubbing it off with water. A high-pressure cleaner with a rotary brush is ideal for this, especially outdoors.

The extensive range of natural stone tiles and slabs offers you flexible options for your purposes and your individual taste. This gives your home environment a corresponding, visual added value.