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Natural stone tiles and other natural stone products are wonderful, natural and durable materials with a beautiful look and unique aesthetic appeal. Natural stone slabs can be laid in the garden, but they can also be attractively installed indoors. Natural stones can be suitable as worktops, as floor or stair coverings or window sills. Masonry or plinths can be faced and mosaics laid with natural stone tiles.

One of the oldest building materials ever

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and last but not least the Romans showed how natural stone can be used in a variety of ways. The temples, palaces, monuments and houses, some of which are several thousand years old, and with their rich mosaics, columns, capitals and decorations from those bygone eras, survive in part to this day and still amaze us. Stones created by nature over millions of years are among the oldest building and useful materials known to mankind. There is probably no more durable natural material than stone. Of course there are also big differences in stones in terms of age, density, grain size, strength and last but not least the appearance. Stones are a world of their own that only a mineralogist or stonemason can understand.

An ecologically perfect material

Natural stone should also remain a preferred material from an ecological point of view, because much less energy is used to extract it than for the building materials produced. Stones are also unproblematic in terms of disposal. They can be used again and again and usually contain no harmful substances. Stone does not require a great deal of care, but stone floors and wall tiles made of stone do need to be cared for. How this has to be done depends on the type of stone and what conditions and weather the stone is exposed to. Stone surfaces have a calming effect on the eyes and the soul. Stone tiles can also be laid in a variety of ways, for example in the Roman bond, which emphasizes the individual grain of the tiles in a special way.

Natural stone: elegant, timeless and durable

Natural stone tiles and natural stones are available in a wide variety of colors and surface structures. Stone tiles can be opaque and translucent. Natural stone tiles are also offered with patterns. When laying unpatterned stone tiles, the grain should always be taken into account in order to create a harmonious overall picture. If you are planning a laying pattern, it is helpful to purchase compiled and pre-sorted packages. Of course, very different stone tiles can also be laid together according to a well thought-out concept, creating completely unique walls and floors. The preferred rock types for stone tiles are marble, granite, basalt, travertine and slate.

Interior and exterior stone tiles

Attractive, high-quality tiles made of natural stone cut a fine figure both indoors and outdoors. Stone tiles are not only offered in different colors and grains, but also in different sizes. Brick slips and self-adhesive wall facings, for example, are very suitable for wall tiles and skirting boards.