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Marble tiles

Katze stufe

Natural stone tiles made of fine marble

provide a luxurious touch and a very stylish ambience in the bathroom, in the kitchen and also in the living room or hallway. As wall or floor tiles, natural stone tiles made of marble not only convince with their individual and graceful design, but also come up with high-quality product properties. If you would like to prefer the best quality and high resilience for floor tiles, you will be amazed by marble natural stone tiles and you can choose these floor tiles in very different designs, surfaces and designs. There are light and dark natural stone tiles made of marble as floor tiles, as well as matching wall tiles that match the floor.

Edel MarmorMarble natural stone tiles

conjure up an elegant look and let the rooms shine with a touch of luxury. Floor tiles made of marble are very easy to care for and come with a silky or very strong shine. Depending on the treatment of the surface, natural stone tiles made of marble can have a very different effect and support the Mediterranean look, or support the wellness ambience in the bathroom and be tailored to your individual needs. There are no limits to the choice of marble floor tiles in terms of color, and you can choose in the light, brownish or gray-black segment.
A special eye-catcher are natural stone tiles made of marble, the surface of which is polished to a high gloss, delicately satined or finely sanded. Patinated marble, as well as natural stone tiles with an antique design, create enthusiasm and give you as floor tiles the opportunity to emphasize your ambience in the desired style. Marble is softer than other natural stone tiles, but this does not affect the resilience and heavy use of the floor tiles. Likewise, with marble floor tiles you can use straight edges and a uniform design, or on natural broken edges of the floor tiles and thus emphasize the Mediterranean, rural or antique chic with natural stone tiles. From white to brown to black, marble floor tiles offer you a wide range of design ideas that you can implement with the best natural stone tiles and implement your ideas of a cozy and homely home.

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You can order marble floor tiles cheaply online and get the delivery straight to your home. If you have no experience laying floor tiles, you can rely on a professional tiler to lay your fine marble natural stone tiles and have the work carried out by a specialist. The result leaves nothing to be desired and offers you many options for designing a floor with marble in an elegant design and designing your house or apartment with a luxurious appearance. In cleaning and care, marble floor tiles do not require any special effort, but can be easily cleaned with special care products for natural stone tiles and kept permanently beautiful. With light and porous natural stone tiles, it is advisable to be particularly careful with colored liquids such as tea or red wine and to avoid contact with the marble floor tiles.