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Granite tiles

Natural stone floors made of granite - grateful materials of timeless elegance

Granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones and is one of the most popular materials for stone floors in the living area. Granite tiles enhance every home and are available in many different colors and formats. Granite occurs in medium or coarse grains in nature and has a homogeneous mineral distribution. The uniform look with crystal structure creates a very noble effect on natural stone floors made of granite. The crystals of the natural stone tiles can usually be seen with the naked eye.

Granite tiles are suitable for various design projects around the house. Granite is ideal for the renovation of stone floors and stairs, but is also suitable for cladding walls and columns. Only marble is a similarly popular exterior tile. Depending on the origin, granite has a different color and pattern. The colors of granite floor tiles range from white gray to gray blue and dark red to black. Even with the natural properties, they achieve surprisingly attractive effects. You can further emphasize this by clever arrangement and spatial division.

Granite floor tiles - unsurpassed living experiences inside and out

Granit Boden

Granite tiles are ideal as a building material for underfloor heating. Granite is also ideal as an exterior tile. Whether terraces or footpaths, driveways and courtyards, natural stone tiles such as granite tiles are optical highlights and draw attention to themselves. Many different designs can be realized with granite floor tiles. Granite tiles are very popular in the kitchen and bathroom. They correspond to the contemporary living ambience, always appear noble and well-kept With the arrival of mechanical manufacturing methods in the 1970s, the triumphal march of natural stone tiles made of granite began. The surfaces of the natural stone tiles can be processed in different ways. There are polished, flamed, honed or brushed granite tiles. This means that they go well with a wide range of furnishing styles, classic and modern furniture and also as an exterior tile. Due to the low panel thickness, these floor tiles can also be used as a replacement for laminate, parquet or carpeting. The granite exterior tile is a grateful product that will keep its beautiful appearance for decades. It can be laid over a large area or as a border. Their high weather resistance makes them robust, the wide range of colors increases their popularity. Whether it's a two-step or multi-step staircase, an granite exterior tile always looks good.

Lay granite tiles correctly

Before laying natural stone tiles, the substrate for floor tiles must be properly prepared. Then apply the adhesive and comb it through with the notched trowel. Then place the tiles in the mortar bed, press them in and remove any excess adhesive and mortar residues. Finally, the spaces are grouted with the prepared grout.

The right care for natural stone tiles

Natural stone floors made of granite are hard, but porous. Therefore, the stone must be impregnated after the first basic cleaning. In addition to special cleaners, diluted ammonia spirit is also suitable for this. If the tiles are completely dry after basic cleaning, they can be impregnated with hard waxes or hard oils. It is advisable to observe the manufacturer's instructions.