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Double loading floor tiles

Double Loading floor tiles

Obtaining floor tiles from the online shop is a pleasant and convenient way of buying floor tiles. The purchase of the floor tiles can take place completely independent of shop opening times and the purchase of the floor tiles can take place even on weekends or on public holidays. Other ways to get to different tile dealers can also be avoided if the floor tiles are purchased in the online shop. For this purpose, the floor tiles are conveniently delivered directly to your home or to the desired address, so that all work is already done when you order the floor tiles. As an online shop, we have a wide range of wall and floor tiles in stock for you. With our wide range of products, you can implement practically any of your design wishes. The floor tiles area in particular offers great diversity. Differently processed tiles are available here, including the Floor tiles Double Loading . But what exactly are the double loading floor tiles and how do they differ from other tiles in terms of manufacture and usage properties? In general, double loading is a manufacturing process in which, figuratively speaking, two tiles are pressed together with great pressure. This manufacturing process gives the tile a particularly smooth surface. This makes a very modern impression both visually and that the floor tiles also get special properties in use.

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How does double loading work on floor tiles?

If tiles are produced using the double loading process, then simply two porcelain stoneware tiles are pressed into one tile . This assembly takes place under strong pressure and ultra-heating. The double loading process makes it possible that the tiles have a particularly fine pore formation, so that the surface is very smooth. The look of the double loading floor tiles is that they can be polished to a particularly high gloss. This gives the tile a noble shine and a very modern look, because even the smallest pores are closed with the double loading process. Floor tiles double loading always have a much smoother and glossy surface than is the case with tiles made from other materials or manufacturing techniques. The ceramic double loading floor tiles are fired at a very high temperature and covered with a highly wear-resistant glaze, which also makes them an ideal floor covering for high-traffic living areas.

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Advantages of using double loading floor tiles

Because double loading floor tiles are pressed under high pressure and with a lot of heat, so that the very fine pore formation is achieved, these double loading tiles also have special usage properties. Thanks to the very fine-pored and extremely wear-resistant glaze, hardly any dirt can penetrate the tile surface. This makes double loading floor tiles very easy to care for. Simply wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient to remove dirt from the surface of the tile. As a result, the double loading floor tiles are also particularly suitable for high-traffic living and working areas, as well as for the entrance area in private or business environments, in terms of maintenance requirements.

What should you look for in the Double Loading floor tiles ?

Since these floor tiles have a very smooth surface, one should clarify before deciding on this type of tile whether it is suitable for the desired installation area. In outdoor areas, for example, where the floor tile also gets wet, double loading floor tiles can be a floor covering that, due to its extremely smooth surface, quickly slips when it is wet, thus increasing the risk of accidents.