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Ceramic wall tiles

Natural stone or ceramic - choose the right tiles

wall Wall tiles and floor tiles are ideal for wet rooms. When it comes to the living room, hallway, outdoor areas such as the terrace or forecourt, tiles are one of many options for wall and floor design. If you have chosen tiles, you are not faced with the choice of format and color, but also with the question: Natural stone tiles or ceramic tiles? Both types of product are highly resilient and durable. However, there are differences between ceramics and natural stone

natural stone tiles or ceramic tiles

Natural stone tiles are made from grown, natural stone. Popular natural stones include Travertine, limestone or marble. Here you can choose different surface treatments such as polished, brushed or sanded tiles. Natural stone slabs are always suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are suitable for floor and wall tiles. Natural stone tiles are completely ecological, extremely heat-conducting and captivate with their unique appearance, because no grown stone is completely the same as another. Floor and wall tiles made of natural stone must be impregnated immediately after laying. As a result, they are easy to care for, are vacuumed, cleaned with a special cleaner or mild cleaner. With ceramics, wall and floor tiles differ, ceramic tiles for inside and outside. Ceramic tiles are made from clay using special processes with the addition of various minerals. Ceramic does not need to be impregnated, it is easy to clean with mild cleaners. Ceramic tiles are usually cheaper than natural stone. High-quality ceramics, porcelain stoneware, hardly gives germs a chance due to the closed surfaces and wins through an enormous variety of designs. Ceramic tiles are also available in wood or natural stone look

installation properties

With all tiles, whether natural stone or ceramic, floor or wall tiles, you have to perfectly level the surface. When laying outdoors on natural grounds, the higher weight of natural stone tiles should be considered. The floor must be level and stable. You should choose thinner natural stone tiles for the wall and thicker tiles for the floor, especially for outdoor areas. Natural stone tiles can also be installed by less experienced DIY enthusiasts just like ceramic tiles.