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Wall tiles at a glance

Wall tiles are great for beautiful mosaics, moldings, or decorative wall designs in both traditional and modern designs. Southern motifs and types of tiles are particularly popular. There are no limits to the patterns, colors and shapes. Terracotta tiles are particularly popular. There are also tiles made of glass, earthenware or ceramics to choose from.


Terracotta - a special way of life

In addition to natural stone tiles, terracotta tiles are among the most popular. They can be used as floor tiles as well as wall tiles. Terracotta tiles can also be used as mosaic tiles. Of course, wall tiles have to be far less robust than floor tiles. Nevertheless, they should look pretty for many years. Of course, they also protect and insulate the wall behind it. Terracotta tiles are an Italian clay specialty that is only found in certain areas of Italy. The reddish-yellow coloring is characteristic. The most popular is installation in all outdoor areas, such as on balconies, terraces and in the garden. They are robust, resilient and easy to care for. Terracotta tiles are also available with a glazed surface. These tiles are particularly popular with wicker, rattan and wooden furniture. In the kitchen they look great as wall tiles. Note: Glazed terracotta tiles are easier to cut. Unglazed ones break more easily, so care should be taken. To prevent this from happening, unglazed tiles must be cut with a wet cutting machine.


What other options do wall tiles offer?

Wall tiles can be laid over the entire wall or just accentuated. Of course, large central motifs can also be placed. There are hardly any limits to ingenuity. Mosaic tiles are ideal for central patterns and shapes. This allows entire images and landscapes to be designed. Wall tiles bring warmth and ambience to every home. If you have children, you can of course also have popular colors or other children's motifs set. The kitchen already looks very child-friendly. Set accents with ceiling moldings made of wall tiles. So you can set decorative borders that will last an eternity. Wall tiles of mosaics also set visual limits, widening or reducing rooms.


Wall tiles - the ideal medium for renovating and designing

The walls are showing their age and renovation is urgently needed. The selection of wall tiles is huge. Self-adhesive versions are also available. So in no time you have conjured up a new wall that will last a long time. Self-adhesive wooden strips or panels loosen up the whole thing a little. Wall tiles are also available in the form of panels. But wall tiles made from wall tiles also look elegant. Whether simple geometric shapes, flowing colors or mosaics, wall tiles always look good.

What are the properties of wall tiles?
Wall tiles last a very long time, are usually tough and water-repellent. The bathroom is the best proof of that. All wall tiles can also be renewed in the bathroom, it should be noted that they are suitable for wet areas or permanently wet areas. We would be happy to advise you on our products, processing and use. If you need tiles for a specialist company, a school or a private house, we will be happy to make you a special offer. In the commercial sector, more robust variants of wall tiles are often necessary. We are of course welcome to talk to you about this at any time! Wall tiles are of course always available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Terracotta wall tiles are particularly stylish and are eye-catchers in every room. Immediately every room looks friendlier and happier. Fresh colors and interesting shapes transform every room into a feel-good paradise. New wall tiles beautify every bathroom in no time. Of course, darker floor tiles can also be combined with lighter terracotta wall tiles. These small color nuances in warm red tones look really noble and last an eternity.