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External wall corner end profile angular

Profiles for a clean finish

This high-quality finishing profile is required for external wall corners on your tile coverings. Once attached, the end profile offers you optimal edge protection. The visible surface of a tile profile forms an outer corner of the tile coverings and also beautifies it in your room. Thanks to the integrated joint bars in a tile profile, the defined joint chamber is given and this does not have to be specially marked. This advantage saves time when attaching a finishing profile and avoids errors and uncleanliness. The profiles are available in many different colors, materials and surfaces. A mosaic profile, which has an additional decorative function, is also conceivable. A mosaic profile or tile profile creates a contrast to the tile that is processed in your home. Thanks to the large selection (for example, aluminum, colored PVC, brass, stainless steel), the color of the end profile can be matched to the color of the tiles and joints and thus create a beautiful outside wall corner. The decorative effect of a mosaic profile is complemented by the optimal protection against damage to the outer wall corner in the edge area. The end profile is also available in stainless steel. Stainless steel is hard-wearing and is therefore also used as a decorative insert in the floor area, floor trim or stair nosing. Molded parts made of various materials, end caps and connectors are available for the optimal and elegant connection of a tile profile or a mosaic profile on inner and outer corners.

The end profile must be selected according to the specific tile height in the room

Once you have found a suitable place, use a notched trowel to apply the tile adhesive you bought in the hardware store to the place where the outer wall corner will later be placed. All preparatory work must be completed before the external wall corner is attached. All tiles on a wall must be glued and firmly attached, the tile adhesive is applied to the corner of the wall after this step. The mosaic profile is pressed into the adhesive board and aligned as quickly as possible. After alignment, the perforated fastening leg is filled with tile adhesive. Finally, the only open profile chamber is filled with the tile adhesive. After this step, the tile is pressed firmly into place. The alignment should be done so that the top edge of the mosaic profile is flush with the tile. It is important to note that sensitive surfaces are only processed with material and tools that do not cause damage or damage. Any soiling caused by mortar and tile adhesive must be removed immediately, otherwise unsightly residues will remain. The outside corner of the wall should be quickly wiped with a damp cloth after an end profile has been attached.

The end profile does not require any special maintenance or care

No abrasive cleaning agent may be used on the sensitive surfaces of the external wall corner. Damage to the top layer can be easily repaired by painting over it. Stainless steel can regain a shiny surface by treating it with simple chemicals. Stainless steel surfaces that are exposed to a lot of moisture must be cleaned regularly with a mild detergent. Periodic cleaning maintains a clean appearance, reduces the risk of corrosion and extends the shelf life. All cleaning agents that are used on a mosaic profile or tile profile must be free of corrosive hydrochloric acid. Contact with metals such as commercially available steel should be avoided as this would result in extraneous rust. this can lead to extraneous rust. This also applies to tools from the household. Installation by a tiler is recommended, as they are very familiar with the system and errors in installation are rare.