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Base profile cable duct aluminum PVC

Practical skirting board for bathroom and kitchen

With an elegant tile profile as a cable duct, it is possible to optimally conceal cables of different types and at the same time a coherent finishing profile in the form of a Use the baseboard. The base profile for cement tiles is especially high quality and made of colored anodized aluminum. This forms the basis for a base profile with an integrated To create cable duct. Available in different You can use the height-adjustable heights Order plastic carrier. This is fixed to the wall and thus functions as a cable duct.

The flexibility, the easy installation and the special Build quality make this product a real one Eye-catcher and a sensible investment, especially in the long term. The floor area in particular is often forgotten and should therefore also be equipped with high quality components and be rounded off. This makes it possible with the help of a To optically refine and skirting adjacent areas at the same time to maintain a functional benefit in the long term.

Tile profile for easy installation

The base profile is ideal for tiles. Of the integrated cable duct is created with the installation of the high-quality Aluminum profile. This is used to make base cladding different ways to mount on it. This is available in the matching series in the online shop and convince above all through their attractive appearance. A high level of Variability allows you to choose the right tile profile can combine the corresponding base cladding.

Available in different strengths You can also find suitable accessories order which has additional functions. Depending on the nature the wall and the corresponding installation, you have the Possibility of applying additional sealing lips, which on the one hand keep away moisture and at the same time a Provide additional footfall sound insulation. This is done particularly easily and with the right accessories the base profile is also quick and easy thanks to its flexibility Time possible. So can your skirting board too always adapt to the spatial conditions and your Adjust your favorite concept according to an individual look.

Qualitative material

The skirting board for your tiles and adjacent ones Walls are made of color-coated aluminum. This is particularly light, durable and has an elegant look. The refined Surface with the help of the anodized layer does not work intrusive, but supports the elegant character Your high quality tiles. The quality remains keep the time. At the same time you can according to your own Paint over the tile profile and color at your discretion vary.

Even during installation, it is very easy to do that Protect aluminum from cementitious materials by quickly wiping it off protection. The cable duct is through colored coated Aluminum, which was also chromated by a special marked intense optics. Color stability as well Weather resistance also guarantee high quality Properties of the base profile and are a guarantee that With the purchase of the cable duct you are getting a real quality product obtain. You can also use matching end caps Order for the corners of the base profile to be at each position to bring about a uniform overall picture in the room.

Use cable outlets

With such a tile profile it is possible to use cables to hide adequately and at the same time visually Get high quality finish for your floor tiles. At the same time you can use matching cable outlets use where it is possible to use devices in the Positioning space. This creates a high level of flexibility for your quality of living. At the same time you can enjoy all the optical advantages of such one Use the skirting board for yourself.

The uniform appearance as well as the symmetrical positioning allow a maximum of flexibility in redesigning your Premises. Plus, get your cables also a very practical protective function. This does it possible, safe and secure networking in your own home to use reliably. Adjustments are also possible through the simply removing the skirting board is no problem at all. The child's play of installation and the quality of the material ensure making sure that you get all the benefits of such a system in the long term and can use it for yourself without any problems.