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Base profile aluminum

Laying cement tiles with a base profile for a clean base and a perfect tile profile

Cement tiles should only be laid on a prepared substrate. The substrate should be carefully prepared for this; it must be clean, dry, stable and free of dust and greasy substances. Once the subsurface has been prepared, the floor must be measured and, at the same time, an axis on which the tiles are to be laid must be determined. Preparation is important because tiles with patterns must be precisely aligned to achieve a perfect tile profile. If tiles have to be cut, they should be cut in a dry state. A primer before laying the cement tiles minimizes the absorbency and thus ensures good adhesion. The tile adhesive is applied to both the floor and the individual tile when laying the cement tile. These tiles are laid without conventional joints, the result is an extraordinary floor covering that is not interrupted by joints. Grout that contains plastic should not be used as it can leave an undesirable gray film on the tiles. In order to achieve a clean floor connection, a base profile is suitable to support the base and the tile profile cleanly. The transition from the floor to the wall or to the skirting board is made with an aluminum base profile. The base and the tile profile can also be optically enhanced around the door frame. A base profile for an attractive base and a clean tile profile are carried out with aluminum profiles. These profiles are supplied with a surface that is corrosion-resistant and durable over a long period of time thanks to its final treatment. A base profile ensures that the base can be embellished to match the tiles.

The care of the cement tiles

If the new cement tiles have been laid with the aluminum base profile and if they have dried sufficiently, the first surface treatment should be carried out. For this, the manufacturers offer a panel impregnation or panel oil for treating the cement tiles. With an impregnation, the surface remains almost as if it had not been treated. Here the surface becomes so dense that dirt and dust cannot settle. Treatment with the panel oil brings out the color from every tile profile in the best possible way. The oil cares for the surface of the tiles and brings some shine to the floor, while the plinth is treated at the same time. The base profile made of aluminum for a clean finish from the base, cement tiles as well as care products and tile adhesives can be purchased in the online shop. The team from the online shop will be happy to help all customers if they occur.