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Base end wall profile

Optimal protection and high-quality optics with base profile

If you have re-tiled your bathroom and want to protect high-quality material, the best way to do this is with a base profile. In this way, high-quality materials such as cement tiles can be optimally rounded off, especially at the ends of the tiles. As a finishing profile, these shelves protect against bumps and also round off the tiled surface with a high-quality look. Such a tile profile is ideally suited as an external surface, as not only the purely functional aspect is in the foreground, but also the optically elegant solution remains manifest in this way in the long term. A base profile has a small visible surface and optimally protects your tiles. Special care is not necessary because the material, such as aluminum, can be cleaned with commercially available polishing agents. At the same time, the base profile ensures optimal protection of your high-quality cement tiles and ensures that the tile wall will last for a long time, especially at corners and edges. In the long term, this ensures the quality of your bathroom, especially its visual appearance.

Uncomplicated assembly

The closing profile of our online shop can be installed without any problems. You can use the respective tile profile in conjunction with different tile thicknesses. If the connection area is limited, additional tile adhesive can help. A base profile is usually processed on the outside wall corner. This takes place after the actual tiling. For example, if you Arrange high-quality cement tiles individually, so you can provide the corners with the respective tile profile. This can be achieved without any problems with high-quality tile adhesive. This is made possible above all by the perforated fastening legs that are available on the end profile. Here these are pressed into the adhesive bed and aligned accordingly. The perforated fastening leg can later be filled with tile adhesive, thus ensuring a secure hold. Here too, due to the flexibility of the adhesive, indentation and alignment can still take place. It is important that the tiles have been completely laid in the profile area in advance. Even later, the joint space of the tiles can be filled with joint mortar up to the profile. Soiling with tile adhesive can be easily removed when installing the end profile.

High quality material properties

High-quality materials such as aluminum are used for a high-quality tile profile. This is particularly light and also refined with a refined surface. This makes the material shine and visually blends in with the appearance of your cement tiles in a harmonious and natural way. At the same time, the flexibility and lightness of the material mean that, in addition to simple assembly, it can also be held securely for a long time. The lightness of the material ensures that an optical quality remains independent of room humidity and temperature. Aluminum is resistant to moisture and helps ensure that a high-quality seal takes place in combination with the stone tiles. Grout can be easily removed from the visible surfaces during processing and assembly. In addition, freshly laid coverings do not have to be covered with foil. With the finishing profile, it is possible to embed the contact layer to the tiles so easily that no water collects in the cavities. In this way, your newly tiled wall will have a high-quality appearance for a long time.

Ease of care offers advantages

A high-quality base profile from the online shop allows you to maintain it particularly easily. With the use of commercially available polishing agents, oxidations can be easily removed. At the same time, it is not necessary to clean aluminum regularly. In this way, it is easy to maintain the quality of the tile appearance through the tile profile, especially in the long term. You can purchase your base profile in different versions. Different strengths, lengths and customized dimensions are available for you. The end profile can also be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of your tiled wall with a clean cut. Try it!