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Stair profiles aluminum stainless steel

Stair profiles are becoming more and more popular in the planning of stairways. Usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, they help you to clearly design your step edge. The profiles also serve to increase security. Please note that the profiles are less suitable for public use. Here, the profiles in connection with the subsurface would simply be exposed to too high a load. In private resp. In the less frequented sector, however, the stair profiles are ideal for use. For this purpose, the profile is firmly anchored in the surface. Please note that due to wear and tear, replacement is only possible depending on the model. You must choose the stair profile depending on the thickness of the tile to be installed.

Stainless steel profiles or aluminum profiles?

You can choose between different materials for the profile. The protection of your step edge is supplied in aluminum as standard. In addition to this raw material, the profiles are also available in stainless steel. A distinction is made between brushed stainless steel and V2A stainless steel, which means something like "rust-free". Aluminum stair profiles should be protected from scratching media, as the finished surface is susceptible to such. In addition, care should be taken to avoid contact with alkaline substances. These can arise, for example, when cement and moisture mix. Residues of grout or mortar material must therefore be removed immediately. For the highest resistance of your step nosing, it is best to use stainless steel. In addition to a higher load limit, the raw material is more resistant to acids and alkaline substances. These occur, for example, in the form of cleaning agents and must be taken into account in any case.

Advantages of stair profiles

Another advantage of stair profiles is their maintenance. Any damage that occurs can easily be repaired by painting. Of course, as with almost everything in life, those who look after their belongings benefit from it for longer. For this reason we recommend that you treat or clean the surfaces at regular intervals with a non-aggressive cleaning agent. In addition to the effect of a clean appearance, this also has the advantage that it can reduce the risk of corrosion on the stair profile. Make absolutely sure that you do not clean the stair nosing with cleaning agents that contain hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid. Contact with foreign metals can also be harmful. An example of this is the removal of mortar residues on the stair profile using steel wool. This contact with the surface can lead to so-called extraneous rust. In these cases it is better to use the usual stainless steel polish. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, stair profiles serve as protection. First of all, protect the step edge from possible damage. The even more important reason to buy, however, is to reduce the risk of accidents due to the easily recognizable optics. The stair profiles are also equipped with a special anti-slip profile, which also reduces dangers. Appropriate end caps for the sides of the stair profiles can be supplied as accessories.