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Stainless steel stair profiles, slip-resistant

A staircase with tiled steps requires suitable profiles if the stairs are to be safe and slip-free. In addition, the profiles also protect the steps. Tile steps wear out very quickly at the front edge of the step. The material can easily flake off in these areas. Already optically this sight is not nice. In addition, sharp-edged areas quickly form when flaking off, which implies a risk of injury. And the more the stairs are loaded, the sooner the appropriate stair profiles should be used for protection.

There are suitable stair profiles for a tile stair nosing, for example made of robust stainless steel. These stainless steel stair profiles for the step edge are slip-resistant, offer perfect protection for the tiles and contribute to safety when passing the steps. The stair profiles for the step edge are made of brushed stainless steel V2A. These stainless steel stair profiles have an affixed tape for slip-resistant properties. The step nosing surface is completely slip-resistant. The stainless steel profiles are corrosion-resistant and very robust. And with the right care, the profiles are indestructible. The step profiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor stairs. Non-slip profiles with a transparent band are also offered. These profiles have a reduced UV resistance and are only suitable for indoor stairs.

Stainless steel profiles are suitable, for example, for step edge coverings made of natural stone slabs, screeds or tiles. The profiles are incorporated at the same time as the covering is laid and offer a secure and visually appealing finish to the edges. At the same time, profiles are also offered that can also be subsequently placed on existing step edges. For example, if the edges are already damaged, they do not have to be completely renewed. Rather, stainless steel profiles can simply be built onto the step edges afterwards. These profile variants have no fastening legs.

Special variants

Depending on the use of the steps, different profiles are offered that differ in terms of the slip resistance material selected. This is based on the intensity of use of the levels.

Profiles that have a very strong slip resistance are sometimes suitable for public buildings or business premises. Increased passenger traffic makes heavy use of the steps, so that a special step inhibitor is recommended for safety reasons. Profiles with a special slip-resistant appearance have a colored mineral grain. This is robust and hard-wearing so that safety is given on these steps. Furthermore, these profiles are also visually appealing.

For private stairs and steps that are only rarely or rarely used, non-slip treads made of structured plastic can be selected. They provide good security for the steps. The material is robust and durable according to its use.


Those who secure the front edges of their stairs with profiles have anti-slip steps that offer safety when using the stairs. Furthermore, the step area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach step is clearly visible, which also offers safety on the stairs. In addition, the durable and robust designs of stainless steel profiles on the edge of the step beautify the staircase and give it a visually appealing finish. In the design of the stair profiles, anti-slip tapes are glued into the recesses of the support profiles. This protects the edges of the adhesive tape and can offer a high level of security.