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Glazed and unglazed

Glazed and unglazed

If you intend to lay new tiles in your own four walls, the question of the color and pattern of the tiles arises for you not only on a regular basis. Another interesting question is whether the tiles should be glazed or unglazed.

The tiles and the individual processing steps

The raw material "clay" is essential for the production of tiles. Natural mineral raw materials are added here. The mass prepared during the manufacturing process is then dry-pressed and shaped. After drying, the first firing follows, then the glaze and then the second firing. The glaze and then the firing can also take place immediately after the drying process. Another alternative is that after drying, without applying a glaze, the firing takes place immediately. In the latter case, the tile is unglazed; in the first case glazed, namely glazed in double firing or in single firing.


Differences between glazed and unglazed tiles

Glazed tiles therefore have at least one further processing phase in the firing process. As part of the glazing of the tiles, a layer of liquid glass is added to the tile. If further mineral elements are then added to this liquid glaze mixture, the tile can turn from matt gloss to high gloss depending on the glaze mixture. If tiles are unglazed, this does not mean that they are of poor quality. Unglazed tiles regularly look more natural and are also more robust and scratch-resistant. If the tile is unglazed, it is colored in a natural way by mineral deposits in the clay. If the tile is glazed, the manufacturers can also produce various colors and patterns more easily by using appropriate glaze mixtures
Choosing the right tile
The selection of the right tile regularly depends on the location where it is to be laid. If the tile is unglazed, it is also quite non-slip. Unglazed tiles are therefore very popular in places where the floor can easily get wet. This is typically the case in the bathroom area and in a laundry room. It is not for nothing that unglazed tiles are laid in these places to avoid accidents in the household. The slip resistance of the unglazed tile also makes it ideal for hobby rooms or fitness areas; So for rooms in which a lot of movement or Frequent traffic prevails. The question of glazed or unglazed is therefore also a question of accident prevention. The glazed tile is ideal in the pure living areas. If the tile is glazed, the pattern and color of such a tile can more easily be brought into harmony with the rest of the living space.

Conclusion: Whether glazed or unglazed is not just a matter of taste. But no matter whether glazed or unglazed, you will definitely be able to choose really beautiful tiles from us.