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Accessibility for tiles

Accessibility in the bathroom - thanks to suitable tiles

In order to be able to live in one's own four walls in old age, a barrier-free bathroom is often necessary. A walk-in shower is a step in the right direction, but not enough, because the tiles themselves also play a major role here.

Walk-in shower
A walk-in shower, also called a walk-in or floor-level shower, looks timeless and elegant. Since there are no tripping edges, showering is often possible without any problems even in old age. It is also very practical that such a shower is easy to clean.
However, a walk-in shower is not necessarily barrier-free. Because of this, when converting your shower, it is best to make sure that grab rails are available for a firm, secure stand. A seat is just as important in old age, as many people find it more difficult to stand for long periods of time. Accordingly, it is also advisable that you think of low, large storage areas so that you can easily access shower gel, shampoo and co.

The right flooring
In the shower as well as in the rest of the bathroom, the right floor covering is a decisive criterion for accessibility. It is best to choose a non-slip surface, such as tiles with a rough surface. Tiles with slip resistance R9 to R11 are very suitable. The following applies here: The higher the number shown, the higher the coefficient of friction and thus the slip resistance.
For a barrier-free bathroom, tiles with a slip resistance of at least R9 are generally recommended, with R10 being the better choice. For your walk-in shower, however, a higher slip resistance is necessary, so you should ideally choose R11 for this. When choosing, it is important that tiles that are equipped with a higher level of slip resistance are not so easy to clean. Because of this, it is advisable to weigh up the desired slip resistance on the one hand and the ease of care on the other.

Contrasting tile colors for better orientation
Contrasting tile colors contribute to better orientation when the eyesight deteriorates with age. For example, a tiled strip that is brightly colored and surrounded by significantly lighter tiles can "guide" you safely through the room. Another possibility to improve orientation are tiles with different surfaces and different haptics. So you don't necessarily have to see the bathroom clearly, but feel with your bare feet that you have already stepped into your walk-in shower with the non-slip tiles.

Light guide systems for even more safety
In addition, light guide systems offer better orientation and thus greater safety in the bathroom. A wide variety of light strips can be easily integrated on the wall or in the floor covering. With the help of innovative LED technologies that are integrated into the tile covering, you get more comfort and are able to use your bathroom independently even in old age. In addition, the various light guide systems offer a very nice look that you can adapt to the facility.