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Terrace tiles for the garden

A terrace enables relaxation and leisure time in the fresh air. Therefore, you should definitely design these small luxury areas of everyday life with selected terrace slabs or tiles! Visually appealing terrace slabs are a wonderful eye-catcher in the garden: When choosing terrace slabs or tiles, you can now choose from a wide range of products that are high quality, beautiful and weatherproof. Of course, the desired terrace slabs should also face the garden harmonize, so that a great overall picture is created.


Discover high-quality, modern terrace slabs online

Before you decide on tiles or patio slabs, you should decide which material you prefer. Stone tiles are preferred by many customers due to their high weather resistance. For example, tiles made of exposed aggregate concrete, slate or granite are resistant to damage for years, because these materials cannot be damaged by frost, rain, snow and extreme heat. When cleaning such tiles for the garden terrace, however, you should know that terrace slabs with a rough stone surface must be swept or sprayed. In addition, some stone garden tiles are prone to grease stains. Compared to stone terrace slabs, which are simply laid on gravel, wood tiles require a substructure on which the terrace slabs can be mounted. This construction ensures that the tiles are not exposed to too much moisture in the floor, so that they last longer. A good painting of wooden terrace slabs is also a matter of course for high-quality products. Often the decision is made for aesthetic reasons in favor of the somewhat more expensive wooden panels, because these look particularly natural with the plants and grasses in the garden. In addition, nature lovers appreciate the pleasant feeling of walking barefoot on wooden terrace slabs in summer. You can also discover a wide variety of plastic tiles online. These PVC terrace tiles for the garden are very easy to lay and impress with their enormous durability. They are water-resistant, easy to clean and are simply plugged together for assembly.

The design of modern terrace tiles should correspond to the personal wishes of the garden owner. First of all, one should ask oneself whether tiles made of slate, wood or plastic are better suited to the garden? If the garden is designed according to a certain theme, you should make sure that the tiles on the terrace also match this! Black and gray slates, for example, go wonderfully in a garden that exudes a Japanese flair. Natural stone slabs in the colors ocher to apricot, on the other hand, harmonize with a garden with a Mediterranean design. Decorative tiles that have ornaments can also be inserted into such a stone floor. A garden in the Scandinavian style looks very authentic with light wooden panels and matching garden furniture made of the same material. If you want a very undemanding surface for your terrace, you can order plastic terrace tiles online that have a real wood or stone floor look.


Once you have found the right patio tiles for your garden online, you can easily order them with just a few clicks! Not only terrace tiles, but also other items for the garden can be ordered at the same time: For example, discover edge fixings that harmonize with your tiles and look aesthetically pleasing! Our well-stocked shop also offers steps and platforms, garden furniture, flower pots or garden accessories in the best quality and on favorable terms.