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Tile glue

A high quality tile adhesive for the successful laying of tiles

It makes a completely different impression in terms of your rooms if you decorate the bathroom and kitchen, or the floors of the rooms in the living area with tiles. You can hire a company that does its job professionally or, with a little skill, dare to lay the tiles yourself. For this you need the tiles of your choice and, above all, a high-quality tile adhesive so that your work is rewarded in such a way that the tiles last a long time. In the so-called thin-bed method, you use a tile adhesive with which you can attach the natural stone tiles or ceramic tiles to the floor or wall. In the past it was still customary to fix the tiles using the thick bed method with thick lumps of mortar. Nowadays, thin bed mortar is usually used. Apply the tile adhesive with a notched trowel or comb it onto the substrate with a so-called toothed smoothing trowel. The tile is then simply inserted. However, the larger a tile, the larger the teeth on the smoothing trowel you have to use. It depends on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication or the substrate which special tile adhesive should be used.

Glue all types of materials and substrates with the tile mortar

As an alternative to attaching the tiles to the wall and floor, you can use tile grout. This is a flexible, multi-purpose mortar that is usually dust-reduced. With the tile mortar it is feasible to glue all types of material to any surface. The tile mortar can also be used for any application, even under rather extreme conditions. An additional advantage that should be mentioned is that there is only a low impact on the environment. Technological research has broken through existing limits in development. The tile mortar is resistant to various stresses and even from deformable substrates. This is thanks to the high shear strength of these new resins. This specially produced tile mortar contains quartz-containing, spheroidal sand, which is particularly pure. An optimal rheology gives the tile mortar excellent workability. Even with thick layers there is no need to worry about sagging.

Work creatively with the mosaic adhesive in your own home

With the use of a mosaic glue, you can let your creative arts play. The numerous colorful, small natural stone and glass particles are made for it, so that you can design your personal mosaic creation. The mosaic adhesive is a special adhesive that was developed for glass mosaics and stoneware mosaics. A mosaic adhesive is usually mixed with water and can be used indoors and outdoors. A bag of the mosaic glue, for example 350 grams, is just as economical as a bag with 500 grams of conventional glue. The mosaic adhesive is plastic-coated, highly flexible and is even frost-proof. It is particularly suitable for outdoor use. You can purchase the qualitative mosaic glue in different shades of color. The transparent version of the mosaic adhesive is particularly recommended. The glue is quickly absorbed and has a short drying time of about 1 - 2 minutes. With the transparent mosaic glue you will be able to glue glass and mosaic stones at a point. Due to the fast adhesion time, the adhesive can also be used for optimal gluing of vertical surfaces.

An online order for the right materials

In terms of good quality, it is completely irrelevant which special tile adhesive you choose. With the inclusion of the special requirements that you personally determine, you can order the required tile adhesive online at any time. We recommend that you do not wait too long if you have any questions or questions before you can make use of the experts' knowledge. This is the only way to ensure that you can properly lay your tiles yourself. You can set up an e-mail contact or simply put your questions to the experts by phone.