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Laying panels and insulation

High-quality installation panels for designing different profiles indoors

When it comes to the conception for different rooms indoors, flexible design and processing is necessary. For this reason, high-quality tiles with special properties are particularly important for laying, as they make such processing possible. Corresponding hard foam panels are designed both for insulation and for creating a partition wall. They are also suitable for gluing over tiles or creating a shower wall in the bathroom. Panels of this type serve both as a sub-floor and have excellent properties that make them extremely flexible. Laying panels are also suitable not only for indoor use, but also for attachment to external walls. The flexibility, lightness, strength and ease of processing mean they are irreplaceable in many building projects. You can also use high-quality installation panels to implement your own ideas in terms of design and to manifest optimal properties for further activities in advance. For this reason, the use of these installation panels is always recommended nowadays.

Perfect interior insulation

Several layers of materials are required to construct interior insulation. Laying panels are used to ensure that insulation material is optimally enclosed. These are available in different thicknesses and can be easily attached to beams, supporting walls and other pre-constructed basic scaffolding. A big advantage is the easy processing of the installation panels. These can be easily cut to measure and even unusual shapes and floor plans can be implemented without any problems. In addition, the light weight makes it easy to attach using a cordless screwdriver. Subsequent processing of the installation panels is also suitable for implementing interior insulation in this way. But the insulation for baffles is also possible with the appropriate installation panels. Depending on the material with insulation, the rigid foam panels ensure optimal insulation and separation of the different materials. At the same time, the installation panels serve as a straight and flexible substrate for other materials such as tiles, cement or wallpaper. The universality for further processing is a main reason why many rely on the special hard foam panels.

Custom-made partition

Again and again it can happen that you want to adapt your space to personal needs. If you e.g. If you need a partition, you can easily achieve this with installation panels. These can not only be used as interior insulation, but can also be stacked and positioned on top of each other. In no time at all, you have a practical partition in just a few steps. You can use these e.g. cover with tiles or use other materials for further processing. The special insulation also ensures that the heat is stored. The special density of the rigid foam panels is another advantage when it comes to designing a partition wall and being able to cover it with tiles. Hard foam as a material offers the appropriate properties to individually design a shower wall in this way. Especially for particularly large rooms, you are able to implement individual adjustments quickly and easily with installation panels.

Cover the new shower wall with tiles

Hard foam panels are great for creating a shower wall. Hard foam as a material is very light and has excellent insulation. At the same time, you can easily cover the laying plates with tiles. This is mainly made possible by the excellent properties. The smooth surface and easy processing go hand in hand, so that the construction of a shower wall is effortless. Rigid foam is also insensitive to moisture and also has excellent properties in terms of fire protection. Available as installation panels in different thicknesses, you can decide for yourself how you want to design your shower wall. Due to the easy processing, it is also possible to effortlessly incorporate pipes, feeders and a wide variety of elements into the installation plates. The material can be cut flexibly and also has a very low thermal conductivity. The closed structure of the installation panels also ensures that moisture is not absorbed from the air. Your new partition wall has excellent properties, especially for designing a shower wall in the bathroom.

Rigid foam as the perfect material

Hard foam is ideal as a material for slabs to be laid. This is how interior insulation and the design of partition walls succeed. The insulation properties are ideal advantages. The material also scores in the area of fire protection, as it prevents the further advance of fire. In addition, these panels are even suitable for attachment to the facade in order to take advantage of the excellent properties for insulation. If you are designing a partition wall or want to implement your shower wall securely, rigid foam panels are a good way to achieve this. In the online shop you can choose from different strengths and sizes. Depending on the area of application, you can use this material safely and easily.