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Children's lion project

On the lion project with children from the ASB-Löwenhaus Harburg in the summer of 2013

The ASB-Löwenhaus in HARBURG, which has been working as a day-care center for 8 years, wanted a large lion to be designed for the summer program in their leisure studio "LöwenARThaus" in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort, Entenwerder Stieg 10.

Children's lion models on 06/28/2013

Children's lion models

The children modeled about 30 small clay models, which then resulted in a larger model that took on the expression of the children's designs. They also drew a 1:1 draft so that the correct size for the location in the loggia next to the entrance could be estimated.

Children's lion models on 28.06.2013Children's lion models

Children's Lion Project 2013

Layer by layer was built up with lightweight building blocks and the first layer was connected to the subsoil with strong iron rods. The children soon came to visit their "construction site" - they thought the size alone was really cool! Children's Lion Project 2013

When the "shell" was finally prepared, the lion began to take shape by sawing it into shape. Children's Lion Project 2013

First mosaic work with children

Before the children glued on the "sponsored natural travertine mosaic stones from Mosafil", the surface was consolidated with white cement mortar. Mosaikfliesen

Mosaic work with children

The children did not have to relearn how to lay mosaics - they had already designed some large pictures that are also attached to the LöwenArthaus. But they had to muster a lot more perseverance and concentration with the extended and round surfaces.Mosaikfliesen

Mosaic work with children

mosaic tiles

Mosaic work with children

Even before the final completion, the inauguration of the lion sculpture was celebrated with the beginning of autumn on October 12th Mosaikfliesen

lion after grouting

Mosaic tiles grouting

Lion in the finished state

The anthracite-colored grout finally gives the lion the appearance of a stone sculpture and the mosaic structure looks even stronger. To protect it, the mosaic surface has been impregnated several times against the effects of the weather

lion sculpture of the ASB-LöwenArt house

Mosaic tiles grouting