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Different types of tiles - which is the right one?

Do-it-yourselfers who furnish walls or floors with tiles want to see themselves an almost unmanageable Selection of different types of tiles. Under the According to the lexicon, tiles are made of different materials and with varying properties summarized. The following are the different tiles and Technical terms are explained in more detail.

Preliminary considerations when choosing tiles

First, between floor tiles, which is clear are more resilient, and wall tiles are differentiated. Then stay closed note whether it is indoor tiles or Outdoor garden tiles. Outdoor garden tiles must namely be sure-footed and non-slip. In addition place different demands on the types of tiles Laying and maintenance. The choice must therefore be based on the different properties.

The following types of tiles are the most common on the market available:

- earthenware tiles are glazed tiles for indoor use, which are primarily suitable as wall tiles. Some earthenware tiles, which are marked accordingly can also as Floor tile can be used in the bathroom.
- Stoneware tiles are available in a glazed and unglazed version, the are very hard-wearing. As outdoor garden tiles among the Tile types are stoneware tiles frost-resistant, because the Water intake tends towards zero.
- Porcelain stoneware shows up very well in the unglazed version resistant, water-repellent and stain resistant. Porcelain stoneware is often installed in kitchens because Installation and maintenance are easy to do.
- According to the technical terms, cotto falls into the group of unglazed earthenware tiles. According to the lexicon, Cotto is mainly used in Mediterranean area. In latitudes with rainfall are these tiles due to the high water absorption and Frost hazard only suitable for indoor use.
- Due to the variety of colors, glass tiles can be used as Border or mosaic add interesting accents. Also point out Glass tiles have a high chemical and mechanical Resilience.
- As the name suggests, natural stone tiles are made of natural stone manufactured. They are ideal as outdoor garden tiles.

Conclusion on the choice of tiles

Of course there are many other types of tiles on the market. For laypersons is common due to the many technical terms not clear which tiles in which category are classified. As a rule, it is advisable to get advice from a professional To use a specialist and explain technical terms allow.