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FILA Deterdek Pro Saures Reinigunskonzentrat 1 Liter

FILA Deterdek acid cleaning concentrate (1 liter)

Acidic cleaner and cement residue remover for Coto, porcelain stoneware, glazed ceramics,
acid-resistant natural stone and clinker


  • Removes laying residues and construction site dirt.
  • Eliminates salt efflorescence from cotto.
  • Removes limestone from floors.
  • For thorough cleaning of floors in outdoor areas.
  • Wall coverings (showers), sanitary equipment
  • Due to its high surfactant content, the product removes encrustations and cleans at the same time.
  • Effective against rust stains.


  • Cleans without attacking the surfaces.
  • Does not emit fumes harmful to the user and the environment: replaces hydrochloric acid.
  • No change in the look and color of the materials.
  • No damage to aluminum and steel joints etc.

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£20.51* per Piece

Content: 1 Liter
Product number: LZ79594

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Delivery time 9-11 workdays

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The FILA Deterdek acidic cleaning concentrate cleans gently and removes even stubborn dirt such as rust and encrustations. The cleaning agent is ideal for acid-resistant natural stones. Glazed materials can also be treated with it, such as ceramics. The treatment materials also include fine stone, cotto and terracotta as well as clinker. In addition, it can also be used in the sanitary sector.

The ingredients are selected and composed during production in such a way that they react very effectively and yet do not cause any damage. Likewise, the agent does not produce any harmful vapors during use. Joints are protected during cleaning and not damaged, even if they are made of aluminum or steel. Due to the high proportion of tenside, it can be used to remove and clean heavy encrustations as well as rust stains. It removes all types of dirt. Residues from coffee and laying as well as construction site plaster and rust are removed effortlessly and without complications. It is also effective in removing salt efflorescence from cotto and limestone formations.

The acidic cleaning agent can be used for both the floor and the wall. The agent can be used indoors and outdoors. Despite the acid content, the surface is not attacked and replaces hydrochloric acid. Likewise, there is no change in the appearance or color of the surface.

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